Alluvial Dev Blog (Archive)


For the past two weeks or so I took a small hiatus from Alluvial development. I did some work on my courses at Cal Poly, and honestly spent a long time playing Breath of the Wild. The new Zelda title is similar in a few ways to the game I am trying to make, so it was useful to see how they implemented things and to think about parts of the game that I really liked and parts that I think should have been different. And in general I think it’s good to take a break every once in a while to avoid project burnout.

Now it’s time to start up development again! I’m focusing on the terrain generation system. A prototype version of my feature-based terrain system is almost ready, so I’m going to try to get an initial version of that working as soon as possible. Then I’ll be able to return to some work on the gameplay features.

Expect more soon!