Alluvial Dev Blog (Archive)

First post!

I have been working on Alluvial for quite some time now, so a dev blog is well overdue. The current code base started some time around January 2016, but some components are much older than that. In early 2014, I started writing a simple voxel engine. As far back as 2011, I was working on a simple RPG engine using irrlicht. At the time I was calling it Relic. I think I’ll write more about the history of the name and everything in another post, since there is too much to get into here.

Alluvial is written in C++ using OpenGL. More specifically, it is based on ionEngine, which is a 3D application framework I have been working on for a few years. Most of what I have been working on for the past year is the rendering engine, but I have also done some work on physics, character animation, and other components. To get this blog started out, I’ll be writing some posts about the various systems that are already done.

I’m not sure the exact order I’ll post them in, but these are the systems I need to write about:

I may have forgotten some, but I’m sure I’ll remember as I write more on this blog.