Adrift is a project I worked on in late 2014. My initial vision was to make a game a lot like FTL but played from a first-person perspective. I’m a big fan of the gameplay in FTL, but I find that the immersion offered by a first-person perspective is lacking.

I also started work on Adrift to give myself a side-project to work on with minimal time investment. A lot of my other current projects are bogged down by the need for large and convoluted systems to support my envisioned features. With a simple one-off collision system, simple graphics, and simple but expandable gameplay, it’s easier to work on a game like Adrift.

My long term goals for the project are to have a complete space-bearing roquelike experience in which the player captains a ship that they can customize, build, and augment. Each system on the ship can be operated by AI characters that assist the player, or the player can choose to operate that component themselves. Each component will have some sort of mini-game that is played to operate it; for example, a hacking component might have a game like Spybot: The Nightfall Incident.

Adrift is developed using the ionEngine.

Early Development Screenshots